Random Notes of Paulus Lodovka for his memoirs

Good Fortune has blessed me today!. I met a couple of adventurers who have the conections to get a Charter of Exploration for the Greenbelt. It seems that they are in need of a mage, a role I fill admirably. We will balance out the composition of the party in the next few days and I will be even father away from my unappreciative family…

…Bandits were captured but our leader did not seem to have the stomach for the harsh law of the frontier. Ah well, we shall see how this turns out…

I have arrived at the border outpost of one Oleg…I am underwhelmed…stupid peasants.

…having tasted combat I have decided I like it. My companions seem to be quite competent in the realm of arms. I must say that the battle with the bandit has raised my flagging spirits. It seems that our leader has decided that we will pursue them to their lair.



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