Bangalore's Journal

We headed out into to the the stolen lands to make our way to “Oleg’s trading post”. The 5 day march would pass without incident, save an attempted ambush by some feckless miscreants whom shown the folly of their way were sent back to Brevoy to start new careers as farmers.

Upon reaching Oleg’s, “The Mage”, as he is liking to be called, did his very best to ingratiate himself with the proprietor by insulting the mans wife. After smoothing out the wrinkles made at our arrival, we were made aware that the out post had be under the harassment of a band of bandits.

In recognition of our charter we set forth to prosecute these bandit 1st by ambushing the contingents that made their monthly demand of tribute, 2nd track our way back to their camp and put an end to their tyranny.

The ambush went nearly according to plan with Oleg placing the goods in the center of the fort and letting the horsemen ride in, while we lay in wait hiding amongst the various out buildings. It was then that the trap was sprung arrows flying, sword and axe striking armor and shield. Within a moment all fell silent the bandits were dead or dieing and we were victorious.

It was still morning, just a few hours after the battle when we found the over night camp the bandits had used. we continued to follow their tracks and two days ride from the out post we think we found them, will reconnoiter and decide how best to best them.



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