Bangalore's Journal

We headed out into to the the stolen lands to make our way to “Oleg’s trading post”. The 5 day march would pass without incident, save an attempted ambush by some feckless miscreants whom shown the folly of their way were sent back to Brevoy to start new careers as farmers.

Upon reaching Oleg’s, “The Mage”, as he is liking to be called, did his very best to ingratiate himself with the proprietor by insulting the mans wife. After smoothing out the wrinkles made at our arrival, we were made aware that the out post had be under the harassment of a band of bandits.

In recognition of our charter we set forth to prosecute these bandit 1st by ambushing the contingents that made their monthly demand of tribute, 2nd track our way back to their camp and put an end to their tyranny.

The ambush went nearly according to plan with Oleg placing the goods in the center of the fort and letting the horsemen ride in, while we lay in wait hiding amongst the various out buildings. It was then that the trap was sprung arrows flying, sword and axe striking armor and shield. Within a moment all fell silent the bandits were dead or dieing and we were victorious.

It was still morning, just a few hours after the battle when we found the over night camp the bandits had used. we continued to follow their tracks and two days ride from the out post we think we found them, will reconnoiter and decide how best to best them.

Random Notes of Paulus Lodovka for his memoirs

Good Fortune has blessed me today!. I met a couple of adventurers who have the conections to get a Charter of Exploration for the Greenbelt. It seems that they are in need of a mage, a role I fill admirably. We will balance out the composition of the party in the next few days and I will be even father away from my unappreciative family…

…Bandits were captured but our leader did not seem to have the stomach for the harsh law of the frontier. Ah well, we shall see how this turns out…

I have arrived at the border outpost of one Oleg…I am underwhelmed…stupid peasants.

…having tasted combat I have decided I like it. My companions seem to be quite competent in the realm of arms. I must say that the battle with the bandit has raised my flagging spirits. It seems that our leader has decided that we will pursue them to their lair.

Forging Destiny

Setting out from Brevoy, we began our 8 day trek to Oleg’s Trading Post. None of us knew what was to come, though we were all in good spirits. Master Lodovka is an interesting character, and often our conversation trails into if not darkness, surely shadowy realms of discussion.
Bangalore is of course as cheerful as I remember him. I’m not sure why many people regard dwarves as dour – stern perhaps, but cheerful enough in their own way and with the proper perspective downright funny.

Borean and Grannick are a bit of a puzzle. Certainly not what one would call a typical adventuring duo, but Borean was interesting and friendly enough the last time I past through the village that I trust his judgement. Grannick is a huge man, or something more, from far away. His language is unique but still intellegable as common and his fighting skills are a whole new style that I have not seen before.

Just before arriving in the Stolen Lands we were confronted by a gang of bandits. Their initial volley was unintimidating at best, although Grannick was struck. I challenged them to put down their arms and surrender and reinforced by the actions of my comrades,they did. We disarmed them, stripped them of their armor, and set them loose with a warning to give up their banditry. As we weren’t in the stolen lands it was not clear that our charter for justice at my hand was sanctioned.

We made the trading post in our targeted time of 8 days. In spite of M. Ladovka’s mannerisms we were welcomed, if not with some disappointment. It seems that a group of bandits has been plaguing and threatening the trading post and Oleg, the proprietor, was hoping for guards. I assured him this behavior would not stand and we proceeded to plan and execute a flawless victory over these miscreants come the dawn.

The plan was simple: Bangalore and I crafted plans to allow the gate to shut nearly instantly. With Borean and Lodovka on the palisade wall, Grannick and I took up concealed positions at the flanks, and Bangalore, ever to be in the middle of it, hid with the goods and gear that were proffered to the bandits in the middle. As they came in, the trap was sprung. Some of them had dismounted, others had not. Our initial strike, while certainly a surprise, fell short of absolute dominance, we clearly demonstrated our might. I challenged the leader to stand down and surrender. Though he did not, he was clearly shaken by our show of force and with that the battle was won.

We directed the construction of a gallows from which to hang the bandits to send a message to the region – law and order has been restored and such devilry will not be tolerated under my stewardship. We departed immediately, tracking the bandits for a day to the south at which point we discovered a river. It is unclear the name of this river, although we are clearly into the wilderland. Our first night we even experienced an encounter with the First World and though I greeted our fey friends with the appropriate custom, their response, certainly within custom although not warranted, was to prank me by collapsing my tent. Sticking my head out of the collapsed canvas, I thanked them for the frivolity and, in a further show of respect, simply crawled back under the pile of canvas, not bothering to undo their handiwork, and returned to sleep.

Following the river for another few hours northwest we came across the bandit camp. We left the horses in a safe place, although I am leading my charger, a fine horse though he was not well cared for by his former master. He and I recognize the vigor of the other and looking into his eyes and can see his name is Skyfire. This steed will surely become a trusted companion as we venture forth and I would not deny him the satisfaction of retribution against those that would steal his freedom.

Victory is at hand. Destiny is on the march.


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